A software suite for image registration in radiotherapy

A software suite for image registration in radiotherapy, Al Sa'd, Mohammad, Hayes Mark, and Jena R , The Medical Physics and Engineering Conference, 31st August – 2nd September 2014, Glasgow, UK, (2014)


Image registration forms a crucial part of radiotherapy process; for improvement of target definition, volumetric propagation and motion tracking, guided treatment delivery, and dose accumulation. Due to the variety of application scenarios in radiotherapy, choosing an appropriate image registration algorithm depends on a number of factors such as image modalities, and required accuracy and processing speed. There is generally no a priori best algorithm to all image registration problems; a number of algorithms can be tried to find the one best suited. An evaluation of various algorithms is not a trivial task. There are a number of software solutions that offer comparison of different registration algorithms, such as Plastimatch and MITK. These tools, however, are either non-interactive script-based or lack for support to the radiotherapy applications. We present here an open-source, multi-platform software solution that offers a user-friendly interface to validate accuracy and efficiency of various volumetric image registration algorithms in radiotherapy context.

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