Auto-contouring of the rectum on megavoltage computed tomography images

Sutcliffe MPF, Harrison K, Scaife JE, Parker MA, Romanchikova M. Auto-contouring of the rectum on megavoltage computed tomography images. Cambridge University Engineering Department Technical Report CUED/C-MICROMECH/TR.100, 18th August 2015.


This report describes details of an auto-contouring algorithm developed as part of the VoxTox programme [1]. The aim is to contour the rectum automatically, so as to understand toxicity to the rectum associated with radiotherapy treatment of prostate cancer. The basis of the contouring is the Chan-Vese algorithm [2], which is implemented in 2D within the Matlab coding environment [3]. Details are given of the start contour, image windowing, and identification of poor contours. The method has been developed on a training set of data, and evaluated on a test set. Results show promise. Further quantification of the accuracy of the method has been undertaken within the VoxTox program, and will be reported separately.

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Internal report
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